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Silver Portal Capital announces the initial coin offering for Velocity Ledger - a blockchain utility designed to streamline and accelerate the investment cycle for illiquid real estate securities. The sale will take place on the technology crowdfunding portal of the DBOT ATS, LLC.


Silver Portal Capital LLC and Fundamental Interactions Inc. have partnered to deploy Velocity Ledger (previously Silver Portal Markets), a blockchain-based utility designed to provide liquidity and transparency to direct issuance, secondary trading and settlement of illiquid real estate securities. The utility will provide real estate sponsors, investment banks, financial advisory firms and end-investors with distributed ledger-based issuance, trading and settlement solutions. Select security types will be tokenized for trading, including Non-Traded REITs, Delaware Statutory Trusts and Limited Partnership interests in institutional Joint Ventures. Following the initial launch, the partners plan to expand implementation of the platform’s blockchain technology to disrupt other process-intensive real estate verticals that revolve around buying and selling direct real estate, including the trust and title industries.

Velocity Ledger uses Ethereum’s ERC20 protocol to tokenize and maintain a dynamic, real-time ledger of securities as well as cash and utility coins to support direct securities issuance and electronic secondary trading. The blockchain utility integrates seamlessly with the Fundamental Interactions’ Nano Exchange market platform, which powers Automated Trading Systems (“ATS”) and exchanges around the world. The DBOT ATS, LLC "DBOT" will use the utility to manage listings, settlement and securities issuance. As a partner to Velocity Ledger and a listing venue for illiquid real estate securities, DBOT will be the first in a cross-platform community of regulated securities markets to manage ledger operations on the utility. DBOT will accept Velocity Ledger utility tokens as a means of payment for services and intends to make the tokens available for trading between member firms on its ATS.

Velocity Ledger Token Sale: San Diego-based real estate investment and merchant bank, Silver Portal Capital LLC, will perform the sale of Velocity Ledger coins over the DBOT ATS technology crowdfunding portal. The offering will be  utilizing the SAFT (“Simple Agreement for Future Tokens”) framework. The alpha version of Velocity Ledger is fully operational, allowing proceeds from the sale to be used for next phase technology build-out and operations to onboard key market participants. Tokens will be offered at a discount to select real estate firms as ‘network credits’ for the future use of the utility, with the tokens as the means of payment for issuance, trading and settlement.

Velocity Ledger Technology: Fundamental Interactions plans to ‘open source’ key components of its private/public version of Ethereum smart contracts to allow the broader global community to adopt and utilize the network in conjunction with the Nano Exchange platform. Tokens will confer upon their owners both voting rights for the management of the utility as well as revenue participation in the network’s earnings as adoption grows and institutions purchase/use Velocity Ledger tokens.

About Silver Portal Capital LLC

About Silver Portal Capital: Silver Portal Capital is one of the nation’s premier real estate investment/merchant banking and advisory boutiques, providing a full complement of strategic/financial advice and capital raising services for high-quality private platform operators as well as public and Non-Traded REITs. Silver Portal also sponsors targeted real estate discretionary funds in demographically-driven property types, and tax-advantaged, 1031 Exchange investment opportunities in beneficial interests of Delaware Statutory Trusts or whole ownership. The principal and partners of Silver Portal have been involved in advising on and raising capital of more than $20 billion in over 140 transactions, exclusively in the real estate sector.

About Fundamental Interactions

About Fundamental Interactions: Rising to challenges and opportunities posed by regulation, technology, and market structure shifts – Fundamental Interactions develops leading enterprise market center technology platforms. The systems are widely deployed by securities exchanges, ATS, and inter-dealer brokers across a variety of asset classes and geographic regions.

About Delaware Board of Trade

About Delaware Board of Trade Holdings: Delaware Board of Trade Holdings Inc. operates three companies: (i) DBOT ATS LLC, their SEC-registered Alternative Trading System; (ii) DBOT Issuer Services LLC, focused on setting and maintaining issuer standards as well as the provision of issuer services to DBOT designated issuers; and (iii) DBOT Technology Services LLC, focused on the provision of market data and marketplace connectivity.



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