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May 15, 2018, 06:00 ET

  • Six Mandates Confirmed to Raise Capital for Leading Venture Firms
  • Futuristic Investment Model intends to generate Perpetual Alpha Returns
  • Company to raise $200 million through Global Token Offering

NEW YORK, May 15, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Guggenheim Partners LLC and G2 Co-Founder J. Todd Morley and a consortium of investors and co-founders announced today the launch of a new blockchain-centric company. Y2X is building the leading new era technology-driven capital formation and strategic early-round investment that identifies, finances, and incubates transformative ideas and businesses. The company comprises a dynamic ecosystem of entrepreneurs, financial experts, investors, and technologists who will support a portfolio of companies focused on the sectors of highest potential growth for human need.

Mo Gawdat, former Chief Business Officer of Google [X] and a Co-Founder of Y2X, said "Y2X is creating a unique platform and community that harnesses the power of peer-to- peer fintech and embraces new blockchain protocols to help entrepreneurs. This is the chance to develop a new technology driven financing model that supports innovation and entrepreneurship, which is led by an exceptional team with deep investing knowledge and experience across investment management."

Global leaders involved in the formation of Y2X include: Arthur A. Bavelas, founder of Family Office Insights and Bavelas Group Family Office; Peter Getz, CEO, PLG Consulting; Eddie Ibanez, CEO, Chief Scientist and founder of Zenabi; Anahita Moghaddam, founder of Neural Beings; Daniela S. Reboucas, Co-founder of G2 Development and Planning and a renowned architect and real estate executive; David L. Shuler, former Managing Director, Paxos, and Vice President, Goldman Sachs; and, Shawn Sloves, CEO and co-founder of Atlas ATS and Fundamental Interactions. For further information visit:

Y2X is raising an initial $200 million through a Global Token Offering. Y2X will specialize in regulated token issuances and innovative capital raising mechanisms and will maintain stakes in the companies it helps to finance. Y2X token holders will be offered the opportunity to participate in token issuances and follow-on offerings, executed on behalf of Y2X partners.

Through a multi-pronged strategy, Y2X is providing its partner companies with access to investors, capital and new investment vehicles; opportunities for connectivity to a broader community through its proprietary technology driven platform; and, advisory services including data analytics, research and investment expertise.

As of date, Y2X has secured six mandates to assist companies in raising capital. These leading-edge companies are in the sectors of artificial intelligence, blockchain development, education, energy, infrastructure, and nano biotechnology. With its proprietary investment underwriting methodology, a best-in-class issuance and compliance platform, pipeline of deals under execution, and a registered broker-dealer, Y2X is positioned to raise capital and provide resources for leading-edge venture and select later stage companies.

Y2X Tokens will be issued in compliance with U.S. and other securities regulations and the company is working with trading venues to create secondary markets.

"At Y2X, we believe the solution to funding the next generation of transformative ideas will emerge by disrupting the financial services ecosphere and overlaying innovation in information technology with assets that produce exponential returns," said Y2X Co-Founder Morley. "This can occur in a permanently capitalized investment structure that rejects traditional benchmarking in favor of long term capital appreciation."

According to Y2X Co-Founder Shuler, "We are seeing the emergence of a new asset class that is democratizing how entrepreneurial companies are funded and nurtured. We are working to bring the benefits of the blockchain and cryptocurrencies to investors and to leading companies in high-growth sectors."

"Offering peers the opportunity to participate in a foundation building moment, with an exponential growth enterprise, while solving some of the world's most critical challenges, without the traditional frictions and misalignments of a fund, is truly groundbreaking, rewarding work," comments Y2X Co-Founder Bavelas.

About Y2X
Established by a group of experienced financial services professionals, technologists and entrepreneurs, Y2X specializes in regulated token issuances and innovative capital raising mechanisms. The company's name was derived from Moore's Law, Y=2x, and signifies its dedication to the law of accelerating returns. Headquartered in New York City, the mission of Y2X is to be the leading technology driven platform that identifies, finances, and incubates the next generation of transformative ideas and businesses globally. Learn more about Y2X at:



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